What is a naming ceremony?

So, your gorgeous baby has arrived, and you want to celebrate the occasion, but you don’t want to go down the religious route, well a naming ceremony would be perfect to mark this special day with family and friends.

A naming ceremony is a meaningful, personal ceremony, to welcome your baby. It’s becoming more and more popular with families these days, as it gives them the flexibility to make their day their own.

You can choose where, when and how you want your naming ceremony, the garden, village hall or hotel, even a field, it’s your choice. No restrictions, totally bespoke to you, and can include readings, poems, songs (but please don’t ask me to sing!). Many people also choose to include a symbolic ceremony, one family planted a tree, another had a sand ceremony, where different coloured sand is layered into in a beautiful glass container, or you could have a beautiful candle-lighting ceremony with a personalised candle. One family decided on a hand and foot-printing event, thank goodness the weather was kind, and the kids

loved it.

My job as a celebrant is to write a bespoke ceremony just for you. I will send you a questionnaire, then have a meeting with you to find out all the information I need. This can include, why you chose the baby’s name, your hopes and dreams for him or her, and your commitments to your child. You may want to include a special reading, or poem that’s meaningful to you. At the naming ceremony, I will guide you through the event, but it is your day, totally unique to you, and can be as formal or informal as you want, a happy day full of love.

Feel free to include siblings in the naming ceremony, they love to help, especially at sand ceremonies, and makes them feel included. There are no hard and fast rules, but I suggest that the best age for your baby to have his or her naming ceremony is between 6 months to a year, and several families have had their other children named at the same time!

Don’t forget the grandparents! Their involvement in your naming ceremony is so important. Many families are worried that the grandparents will not “approve” of a non-religious ceremony, but you may be surprised, their hands on approach, total love of their new grandchild, will make the day one to remember. They may want to be involved in the ceremony, but don’t like to ask, I’ve seen this more than once, that the grandparents feel left out of the naming ceremony, and wished they had been given either a special job, or the ability to make a vow, or a poem, or saying to their grandchild.

My job is to make your day a very special one, full of love and laughter, bringing all your family and friends together. Let me guide you and your family, so you can fully enjoy the day. How lucky am I to have such a great job!

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